Have you ever thought what life would be like without the ability to travel from point A to B and how travel can be reimagined?

Fifty-some years ago if you spent a few weeks in Paris, then moved on to Rome for the spring, steamed down to Argentina or Brazil for the summer, you were probably either wealthy, eccentric, or running from the law. These days, it’s considered the norm and you might as well be called a vagabond adventure traveler.

It’s so much easier to be a citizen of the world today, because we are more connected than ever, and its easier and faster to travel than it has ever been. Eager for adventure, broad-minded individuals, and curious spirits aware of the opportunities overseas, and unwilling to “settle down” just yet, are making the world their playground. They’re eager to side-step the rat race, make the most of their time, and savor life in exotic and extraordinary surroundings.

If that sounds good to you too, then you should know it is possible. With some strategic planning you can discover new adventures, and most times for less money than staying at home. Whatever the adventure of choice, it is not the cost that is standing in your way. It is your desire to change and sense of adventure that ultimately decide what price you are willing to pay.

Envision a world where money is not a deciding factor, and our decisions are based purely on love, compassion, and curiosity, realizing dreams and satisfying our inner sense of adventure.

Take some time out to imagine the endless possibilities the world has to offer. Rethink, Reconnect and Reimagine Travel.

About Jannie V. Jonker Jr.

I am an adventure seeker of the transformation that one finds while traveling. We leave something of ourselves behind when we visit a place; we stay there, even though we return home. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there. I believe traveling is a journey within ourselves, and Keen Adventures is committed to enable these experiences for our customers.

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